Seven of Swords with Two of Cups

Quantum Tarot 2.0 by Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler
Quantum Tarot 2.0 by Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler

A close friend of mine told me a story involving her and one of her close friends in college. Her friend was seeing a guy at the time, but she suspected my friend and this guy might have had a latent attraction to each other. In order to validate the existence of the attraction she had arranged for the boyfriend and my friend to be alone together sans her. Of course the girl’s suspicions were confirmed and she confronted my friend after the betrayal and admitted to deliberately “testing” her. My friend replied, “If you’re pretty sure I’m going to fail your test and you don’t like the results, then don’t give me the test.”

This whole business of trust in any burgeoning relationship is a tricky one; be it lovers, friends, associates, coworkers, any relationship that is unfolding. I can make you roll your eyes and nod rhetorically if I tell you that trust has to be earned. It is the theme of every banal teenage drama on television. Yes, yes… we know that, David… captain of clichés. Clearly David starts with the letter Duh.

I’ll spare you the wisdom of the banal and venture into the more exotic take on trust. In order for trust to be earned, it has to be broken. It must be tested and strained. The paper grocery bag we carry our trust in has to get wet in the rain and threaten to tear, releasing our grapefruit and eggs and flank steak and box of baking powder and our Crunchy-O’s to the wet pavement just before we reach the car door.

Think about this. Trust has to at some point be challenged. One doesn’t say “I know she doesn’t read my private journal” without it crossing one’s mind when it’s left on one’s nightstand when her roommate is home alone. At some point the opportunity for the breach is realized, and we sit staring at the crack waiting to see if our partner will chip away at it enough to be able to reach through the wall.

But here’s the tricky part, the smoke and mirrors, the David Copperfield’s flair and dazzle, the Penn and Teller’s humorous play-off-the-other-partnership, the David Blaine’s disarming deadpan, the Criss Angel’s saying “close your eyes and don’t peek”. The misdirection is the other person in whom our trust is tested. The real trust issue lies in the self. The need to constantly keep one eye open is a symptom of a lack of trust in our ability to align ourselves with people above board. Even when we find the limits to which we can trust another, we still insist on testing them to validate their untrustworthiness beyond the point of the validation we already received. Are we really testing ourselves to see if we can trust ourselves to not trust the untrustworthy?

This is not to say that it is simply our fault if another person betrays us our shatters our faith in them that should be there by default. It is to say that if we to continue to risk a betrayal from our partner when past examples show it to be inevitable, we are clearly demonstrating a lack of trust in ourselves. Perhaps it is an inability to trust ourselves to make sound decisions in love or in business. Perhaps we mistrust our strength in functioning independently. In any event a constant mistrust of a person with whom we are entering some form of partnership is an opportunity for us to examine where we need to strengthen our sense of self trust. When we find that and we secure that we will see that the partnership will naturally resolve itself to our personal benefit.


King of Swords with Queen of Swords

Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Löesche
Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Löesche

It is dangerous to leave written that which is badly written. A chance word, upon paper, may destroy the world. Watch carefully and erase, while the power is still yours, I say to myself, for all that is put down, once it escapes, may rot its way into a thousand minds, the corn become a black smut, and all libraries, of necessity, be burned to the ground as a consequence.
         ~William Carlos Williams, “Paterson”

Words have power. Tremendous power. Words have the power of lightning and thunder, of hurricanes and tornados. Words can carry the stillness of a cold winter evening or a remote alpine lake. Yet we take this power for granted all too often.

Let’s look at those spellcasting type of folk. I promise this won’t hurt. They might have their variety of magic-making accoutrement and paraphernalia, or don themselves with some kind of anti-name brand apparel or have something burning nearby, but the most common part of the ritual they employ is the use of words. Taking six steps to the side and through the door on the left we have the triumvirate of Abraham employing words through prayer, and the Eastern belief systems with their chanting. All these factions of belief systems know what words can do.

The thing about words is they often serve as the binding agent between thought and reality. There are no take-backseys; once you say something it is out there. It gets straight to work expediting solidifying the momentum of manifestation. You see, the thought process merely resides in the land of the Etch-A-Sketch™ where you can simply shake it if you’re not thrilled with what you drew in your thought bubble. But once you let that thought cross the oral threshold and get carried by the wind to the earholes of Some Omnipotent Being Or Beings That May Or May Not Exist you’ve pretty much lit the fuse.

There’s a reason Don Miguel Ruiz states as one of the Four Agreements to “be impeccable with your word”… that word is the scaffolding that manifestation uses to assemble the house of our reality. Nothing is said that doesn’t begin from intention. That sarcastic remark, that barbed joke, that dismissive comment… all those little pearls we cast off as cute or meaningless or not to be taken seriously were all designed to envelop that grain of truth to isolate the irritant of that said truth from the tender part of the inside of our shell.

Perhaps we may not consider ourselves spellcasting practitioners, yet we truly are. As we colloquially state how “sick of it” we are or how something is “a pain in the neck” (or “ass” for the more salty tongued) we are inviting those realities into our experience. We’ve put it out there and our inner god is shrugging and saying “as you wish” in the manner of an enslaved djinn. We may state that some event is an inevitability, that some unfortunate event is going to happen for sure, believing that we are reading some prophetic calligraphy on the wall, but we are actually the ones designing the outcome with our declarative statement while the Universe gets everything aligned to ensure it doesn’t disappoint our command.

Whatever our perspective is on Judaeo Christianity, they may have been onto something when they said “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” They talked about the Word before they talked about God! The Word is obviously big stuff, the Numero Uno, the CEO of All That Is. I’m not a big Bible guy, but I give them a nod on this one. What comes out of our mouths says more about ourselves than just who we are or what we think or believe. It is us in the process of creating and shaping our reality with each and every utterance. We become what we say, so we better be impeccable with each word we choose.

The Sun

The Sun
A child rides naked on a pale horse carrying a red banner with the sun shining behind in all its glory

In order to attract the life conditions we desire we need to put ourselves out there. Not just in the sense of taking action in our lives, but by way of allowing our true essence to shine through.

Being as genuine as possible allows us to be open to receiving. When we hide our true selves behind the expectations of our friends, our family, our jobs, and the culture and society in which we live, we create immediate gates that prohibit the attraction of all we desire our lives to be. These gates are created by our need to operate in a way that is only intended to please others, to satisfy a definition of being that is contrary to our inner selves.

We have to be willing to be seen as we truly are, despite how it may be received by others. We need to express ourselves with the unrestrained enthusiasm of children. We must allow ourselves to stand in the vulnerability of exposing our true selves in all its raw glory. There is no need to be ashamed in our birthright. When our self-expression is compromised by being clothed in actions that seek the approval of others, we then attract and receive energy that can only result in a diluted manifestation of the life we desire.

The moment we allow ourselves to share the truest essence of who we are we tell the Universe we are truly ready to receive into our hearts our dearest desires in its purest state.