The choice between a good day and a bad day

Yesterday was an excellent day in disguise. Or it was a bad day and I was unaware of it.

The surprise snow visitation turned our little Puget Sound world on its side, as it is prone to do when we see a 3+ inch accumulation of the stuff. We see snow so infrequently we aren’t sure how to manage our vehicles in it all too well. I certainly can be counted among those, as I failed to make it up our ice ridden hill in the pickup and I won’t even try to take my Miata out in the snow, a car with rear wheel drive that weighs as much as me. Continue reading The choice between a good day and a bad day


Nine of Swords

A man sits up in bed overwhelmed and unable to rest as nine swords loom over him

Understanding the Law of Attraction is a very powerful way to create the life we want. However, just understanding the dynamics of manifestation does not guarantee a smooth and easy life free of all problems, issues, and challenges.

We can control the direction our life takes, the direction we wish to go, but we cannot always control every circumstance that comes into our life. Sometimes we experience circumstances that are simply beyond our control. There may be little to nothing we can do to influence the outcome of a situation. We may just have to hunker down and wait out a passing storm. As we can do nothing to change the weather, we can only ensure we remain safe until the maelstrom moves past.

When we find ourselves in the midst of challenging obstacles it can be difficult to remain still in the chaos. We may feel that if we do not take action we are not dealing with the problem. The illusion of taking action often comes in the form of expending great amounts of mental energy, dwelling on the problems, turning over the circumstances in our heads in an attempt to find an illusive solution to our challenge. Unfortunately this is energy that has been diverted from dealing with the very moment we are in, energy that requires our attention in the present rather than in a future outcome. As a result, we worry instead of sleeping, we ponder our stressful situation rather than enjoying a nice meal or appreciating the time we have with our loved ones.

Worrying and dwelling on problems we cannot act on at that moment in time not only is an exercise in futility, it moves us toward more challenges. The stress we accumulate can lead to health issues, poor communications and fractured relationships, further compounding our anxieties on top of what we are already facing. As the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, keeping ourselves in a state of stress attracts further stresses into our life. We can do well to take a step back from the situation, sort the elements into what we can influence and what is out of our reach, take action on what we can affect and wait for the remaining storm to pass. When we remind ourselves that we have experienced challenges in the past and have moved through them eventually, we will recognize that this too shall pass.

An overdue vacation

These last several weeks I’ve really been looking forward to going on Vacation this month.

Here’s the thing… although I am very excited to be going to Vegas and doing our Vegas thing, that’s not been the focus. What I am more so looking forward to is having a week off from work.

When you work for a school district supporting technology the beginning of the school year is the busiest and most stressful. The stress is due to the myriad of emergencies and urgencies that come with educators who are once again thrust into the working life and the energies of nearly 30 young people at the flip of a switch. Meanwhile the switches that power on some of the computers are unresponsive, or the machines are not on speaking terms with the rest of the network, or some other boycott of appropriate technological behavior on the computers’ part after having been ignored for two straight months.

So the beauty of my tensions and aches and irritability is being able to blame the nature of the start of the school year and the stresses that accompany it. I have been given a blank check of blaming, pointing, and accusing and I’m cashing it all over town. But I’m just now realizing that my checks are being returned for insufficient funds and tacked up on the wall of my own self-examination. I’m being banned from the store until I make those funds right. I am no longer allowed to patronize the shop until I create a positive balance in the bank of my own accountability. The blame game is costing me more than I am spending through insufficient funds.

I’m teetering on the front edge of a cold, where my sinuses are tossing and turning in their sleep. The great thing about not feeling well is that it gets to tag out the feeling of being overwhelmed at work and it now gets to jump in the ring of victimhood. Now it’s no longer stress that is making me irritable, it’s being on the edge of getting sick. My disposition can no longer be blamed on the stresses of work, now it can be blamed on the stresses of not feeling good physically, with the underlying theme of “being overdue for a vacation”.

So the preacher loves to extoll the virtue of being in the moment while I dismiss the sermon by mentally being in Vegas. In the myriad of choices on which to focus I keep reaching in and pulling out work stress. I have a great job, a fantastic marriage, a loving family, and overall good health. What I really need is a vacation from my tendency to focus on what I consider stressful and instead focus on my blessings.