Law of Attraction Coaching, Vol. 4


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Law of Attraction Coaching, Vol. 4
by Stephen Richards


This is Law of Attraction Coaching, Vol. 4 by success and wealth creation professional Stephen Richards. There are some adult themes running through this book, although many will gain from the overall positive way sensitive issues are addressed.

You will discover how to make the Law of Attraction work for you. From the most basic to the advanced, you will discover how to awaken the dormant power within and manifest your desires in a safe and natural way.

Each in this series builds on the previous coaching session. This particular session is in-depth and enshrines over two decades of manifesting experience from Stephen Richards.

When you express gratitude for the blessings that come into your life, it not only encourages the universe to send you more, it also sees to it that those blessings remain.

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The Magician with Ace of Wands

Quantum Tarot 2.0 by Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler

These two particular cards I just drew are reminding me that it’s time to talk about manifestation again. Clearly this blog is no stranger to this topic, with it being called The Tarot of Manifestation and all. Of course I have to obligatorily address the Law of Attraction again as well.

It shouldn’t be any secret how I feel about The Secret (the book, the movie, the workbook, the t-shirt and mugs, the personal certified life coach trainer guru) as well as LOA (that’s Law of Attraction in New Age hipster vernacular). I’m sure I’ve soapboxed on this topic a time or two or a baker’s dozen or ad infinitum. So grab a box of Marble Munch or whatever gets sucked into the snackhole while being entertained, put a pillow behind your lumbar and get your readers on if you are over 45…

There’s all these authors and coaches and spiritual advisors that offer to teach us how to manifest that which we desire. I even did it in the first chunk of the Tarot part of this blog via a post on each of the 78 keys. The not-so-secret pretty much says we have to believe we can and will create the reality we want for ourselves.

Most of the critics that are not skeptics infiltrating the flock disguised as believers bemoan the experience they had that is contrary to the New Age cheerleader’s wisdom. They say it is difficult to have faith when they don’t manifest yachts and Prada and gold bullion and cars of the douchey and reckless. Then the teacher and student wrestle with the Chicken Prime vs. Egg Prime, they don’t believe it because it didn’t happen/it didn’t happen because they don’t believe it.

I would say manifestation is like breathing, that it happens automagically without thinking about it, but the difference is we can hold our breath to temporarily halt our breathing, whereas our manifestation ability doesn’t turn off, much like the Christmas music at this time of year. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a few more times during this lifetime: we are constantly manifesting.

Now before the enlightened ones patronizingly pat me on my head and say “Now, now… we’re talking about how to manifest our desires“, I say yes, I am aware, and that’s what I’m saying as well. Call me crazy, throw a full can of vegetables at my head, I don’t care. I truly believe we are constantly manifesting our desires.


The things we get, or actually create in life are the things that serve us somehow, that reinforce or build upon who we believe ourselves to be and who we are becoming. When we continue to get a lot of what we don’t think we want, we are stubbornly refusing to look at how these unwanteds are serving us. We keep sending that meal we ordered back to the kitchen with the hope they eventually meet our dizzyingly high standards but at the most basic level we just want to eat. Our stomach growls louder and our blame meter rises, ignoring the fact that each send-back was our decision.

Want to manifest the things you want? First figure out why you want the things you’ve been manifesting. That’s a cute and clever way of saying we need to practice self-awareness and be brutally honest in it while we’re at it. The manifester’s creations are a result of how we see the manifester, or simply how we see ourselves. We manifest who we believe ourselves to be.

The Star with Knight of Pentacles

Quantum Tarot v2.0 by Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler
Quantum Tarot v2.0 by Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler

Have you ever seen the movie Glengarry Glen Ross? In the scene where Alec Baldwin’s character delivers the monologue regarding the coveted Glen Ross accounts (which was not in the original play), he mentions the ABCs of sales: Always Be Closing. This is a common tagline to the approach to sales, albeit kind of an old school approach. Might as well say “Always Be Selling”, or ABS. Notice the apropos BS at the end of that given acronym…

Enough about that movie. I’m not a fan of the film, the play, or of David Mamet’s work in general. I bring it up, however, because I think of it often when I write posts to this blog. I ask myself, “Self? Can there possibly be an ABM acronym I could use, as in Always Be Manifesting?” The thing of that is, it’s not much different than the above cited example of Always Be Selling. In sales you’re always selling anyway, it’s not something you’re really turning on or off. It’s a matter of how focused you are on what you are selling. One has to be mindful they aren’t inadvertently selling the wrong idea about whatever it is they’re selling.

We are always manifesting. It’s really a matter of our focus. If our focus or our presence is askew or misdirected we can find ourselves manifesting something other than what we think we desire. What makes it even trickier is manifestation does not play by the rules of the stage magician, where a dove is produced from the lifted lid of a saucepan ablaze.

The process of bringing our intentions to reality is more like a smoldering ember. The temperature has to hold for a long enough period to keep the glow present until the environment is prime for transforming it into a small flame. In our own manifestation process what controls the temperature is our belief, our hope, our trust in ourselves and what is best for us. While we are exercising our patience as best we can we sometimes lose faith over time, believing that what we want will never come, that it got lost in the mail of the Universe.

Yes, we are always manifesting, but often at an imperceptible pace. Think of it as writing your intentions on the back of a tortoise and letting it go. That tortoise will get there, but unless being an audience of the tortoise march serves as cheap entertainment for us, we will merely suffer the watched-pot syndrome. Our distrust in the process only serves to force us to pick up the creature and constantly change its direction as if that would help to get it there any faster.

The adage that faith can move mountains is true. Just ask Dasrath Manjhi, the man who literally did just that over the course of 53 years. Perhaps he didn’t have the luxury of microwaves and McDonald’s to sully the idea that often time is required to manifest one’s intentions. What he did have is the unyielding belief that it was to be.

Ace of Cups

A hand extends from a cloud holding a cup overflowing as a dove carrying a wafer descends into it
A hand extends from a cloud holding a cup overflowing as a dove carrying a wafer descends into it

Manifesting is only meaningful in light of wanting. It is this wanting, this desire, that fuels manifestation. It is the depths of our emotions that serves as fuel, as propellant to launching our dreams into the realm of reality.

All too often we find ourselves afraid of our desires and emotions. We feel selfish or overly ambitious to have desires, to dream of a life filled with pleasures and sources of satisfaction. Perhaps we have accepted the idea that suffering is noble and necessary, a prerequisite to spiritual growth. We may even feel afraid to dream of wanted delights as we believe we are not deserving of goodness and joy for a myriad of reasons. Continue reading Ace of Cups

Page of Cups

Page of Cups
A young man contemplates a chalice from which a fish emerges to look back at him

The true source of power behind our ability to manifest is our emotional energy. Learning the language of our feelings brings us closer to creating the outcome we desire most in our lives.

As human beings, we are perpetually manifesting from our emotional states. There are many times we find ourselves unwilling to accept this notion, especially when we encounter circumstances that we consider undesirable. As a result, we will consider external events the cause of our tribulations. It is easier for many of us to give our power away than it is to engage in the due diligence required to change the emotional energy that is creating our undesirable circumstances.

When we find ourselves in an unpleasant emotional state, we must learn how to trace the genesis of what awakens that state. This is most due to a conflict between how we see ourselves versus how we believe we should be. When the pain of self-examination becomes too intense we will then deflect the cause to an external factor in order to justify the hurt emotions.

If we can take a brief step outside of ourselves, even if only for a moment, we can give ourselves a better chance to follow the trail of emotions to its true source. By first allowing the emotions their true function by not denying their right to be expressed and felt we can stave off the immediate impulse to look for blame. This also allows us the room to provide compassion to ourselves and prevent a spiral of self-criticism. This approach allows our emotions room to breathe without the need to take immediate action in an attempt to make them go away.

Learning to understand the source of our emotions allows us to shift and channel the energy behind them into a more creative conduit that matches the outcome we truly desire. As we learn the language of our feelings this opens us up to trusting our intuition, which enables us to more naturally make decisions which foster the manifestation of our most desired outcome.

Impending impediments

As I was on my way to work this morning, I hit delay after delay. I had left the house later than usual to begin with, and I was stopped by every light. Not merely pulling up to a red light, rather having a light turn yellow as I approached. I’m not one to speed through light changes, but on a 50cc scooter I don’t have the capability of speeding through anything. At best I can push the limits of school zone speeds, provided the school was not built on a hill. Continue reading Impending impediments