Ten of Swords with The Fool

Tarot Illuminati by Erik C. Dunne

At some point in nearly every life, without exception, we find ourselves at the end of the road. We have ventured far enough into the blind alley to the point where we can proceed no further.

If I were to take a guess, the path to this impasse contained detailed plans, carefully deliberated decisions consisting of tweaks and changes to an outline of what we intended to achieve. We thought we regarded every contingency. We thought we entertained multiple alternate scenarios. We believed we had made our plan as foolproof as possible, only to find it had failed to come to fruition at the end of the day.

There are occasions vast in number when it is more than appropriate to chart out exactly how we will proceed in a given endeavor. However, there are moments in our journey or steps in our undertakings for which careful planning is not only futile, it can be detrimental and inevitably disastrous. During times such as these it is imperative to rely on our intuition.

Our intuition is a most brilliant guidance system that seems to follow no guidelines. It will fire off a message that signals us to make a specific choice or avoid a specific scenario, sometimes suggesting an option that falls counter to what might make better logical sense. Yet our left-brain ruler born of academia and conventionalism and even dogma spurs us on to stay on the well laid out path of the tried and true. A sensible plan was created; we must stick to it.

The tales of the greatest achievements of our lives often contain an anecdote of a whimsical decision we once made, or a leap of faith we had taken, or a series of serendipitous events that fell into our laps simply because we responded to a strange urge that came upon us. I will be so bold as to say the grander the intention the more unreliable our meticulous plans will be and the more often we will be tapped on the shoulder by our inner voice as to the best course of action.

The most detailed roadmap or accurate GPS cannot predict cuts of chaos into the fabric of order. We could not account for the aluminum siding that flew out of the truck bed, lifted by a gust that had been generated by the Brazilian butterfly’s wing flapping days prior. The subconscious, however, has the ability to see such things. It lives in the basement of reality along with the fractals blossoming from seeming randomness, with the quantum particles that occupy multiple places simultaneously, in the realm where time is merely the phone conversation doodles of the unrealized forces of our universe.

Our inner knower scoffs at conventional physics and linear perception. We however are enslaved by this inviolate illusion. All too often when our intuition raises its hand and makes a suggestion we are all too quick to dismiss it. We go back to studying our pieces carefully laid out on the board of our game of Mitigated Risk. The non-Euclidian math of the inner voice’s suggestion just doesn’t add up, so we chalk it up to nonsense and we stick to the plan.

There is a beautiful opportunity for us if we choose to look back through our dead-end endeavors. I would bet my spleen (or any other non-essential internal organ) that there were multiple times in a failed journey we had embarked upon when our intuition was screaming and waving arms to get our attention and we simply hit the snooze on its signal. If we can find those moments and recognize them as directions from within, we will know how to spot them in the future when they come along again to save us from ourselves.


The High Priestess

The High Priestess
The priestess sits between two pillars, the scroll of the Word partially concealed in her cloak, the way beyond her veiled behind her tapestry

As has been said here previously in these writings, manifestation depends on belief, faith, and trust. It needs to be stated, however, that the most critical and profound trust we need to have is in ourselves.

This trust in the self extends beyond simply believing we can accomplish what we have envisioned. It means having trust in our processes, our methods, our inklings and inspirations. Trusting in ourselves means listening to the inner voice that prompts and guides us to take certain paths or make certain decisions. Continue reading The High Priestess

King of Cups

This week I have invited Ronda Snow of Modern Oracle Tarot to be the guest author of today’s post. For any fan of Tarot and of the principles of manifestation I highly recommend her blog! Enjoy this wonderful post she provides below.

Psychic Tip: We can “read” anything in our world as an answer to a an issue or question. The answer is in our heart and the world reflects it back to us. If you asked a question and your eyes caught a spider web, this web could reflect the truth that is within and be an answer to your question.
– Joy Star
King of Cups
A king sits on a throne, chalice in his right hand and scepter in his left, a watery realm surrounds his throne

This quote relates to the King of Cups card, because this card is associated with guidance, both literal and intuitive.  I see it as symbolizing guidance in all of its forms.  Like the spider web in the quote, the whisperings on our own insight, the blunt words of a friend the world around us is saturated in guidance. Being both male, and of the suite of cups (intuition, water, female, yin qualities) the guidance in the King of Cups card is very rooted, grounded, and practical yet wise, compassionate, and very personal. The King of cups is mentoring and guidance for and from the heart.  The King of Cups represents the essence of a life changing real-world mentor, and the essence of a true spirit guide as well.

I’ve always felt the most helpful, the most epiphany-filled readings are the ones that act like a mirror. The best readings simply show the truth that the sitter already deep-down knew.  No matter what oracle you use, be it Tarot, runes, palm lines, tea leaves – or spider webs – the very best psychic reading is the one that brings your own wisdom, insight, and courage to the surface. Working with a mentor, or with your spirit guides can do that exact same thing.

Let’s focus on spirit guides for a moment. There are a variety of ways that they can relate to this card and to the idea of guidance. Some people view “spirit guides” as intelligent entities outside themselves such as guardian angels, crossed over loved ones, or other non-corporal entities who love, help and support us as we walk our spiritual path. The source of the wisdom and inspiration seems to come from outside ourselves. Some believe that spirit guides are just us talking to ourselves. Some believe that “spirit guides” are a projection, a way for or inner knowing to manifest in a way that we can accept more readily.  That the insights attributed to the spirit guide are actually our own, truth that we knew deep-down all along.

Which is it? In my opinion, it’s both. I believe that all is one. We are immersed in the cosmos, and a unified part of it, like a droplet is one with the ocean. Yet, while we are living and learning here on Earth, we are like an ocean drop tossed in the air by the shoreline mist. We experience other droplets…other people…as distinct and separate. Despite that perception we remain one in the cosmic ocean. The guidance we get from seemingly separate spiritual presence is from within as well. It IS them…it IS that guide or loved one, and they communicate to us by touching the wisdom and emotion that is within us. It is a relationship as with any long-time mentor, it is the wonder within ourselves, all at the same time.

So how does guidance, be it from a literal counselor or an inner spiritual source, fit in with manifestation? At the beginning. Clarity is a cornerstone of manifestation. Unless you have a clear vision of what you want to manifest, the path and outcome can become muddled. Sometimes we need a little guidance to decide what it is really need to call into our lives.  The symbolism and advice from the vast majority of Tarot cards are signposts along the path of manifestation…they are the where, what, why and how of it.  The King of Cups helps us decide which direction to go in the first place, as well as at the major crossroads later on.

To learn more about the concept of a “mentor”, I suggest Chinglian Al Huang’s excellent book “The Tao of Mentoring”. To read a lovely example of clarity and manifestation, I suggest “Illusions: The Adventures of the Reluctant Messiah” by Richard Bach. To learn more about cosmic oceans, I recommend “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan.

About the guest author:

Ronda Snow has a Ph.D in Natural Health, a B.S. in Med.Sci, is a Reiki Master, author, Taijuquan player, and has been reading Tarot since 1992.  She lives in Pittsburgh with her martial arts champion husband, her musician daughter, her recipe collection, her art & knitting supplies and way too many weeds in the back yard. To learn more please visit www.RondaSnow.com or www.ModernOracleTarot.com.