Four of Cups with Four of Pentacles


You know what a blessing is?

If we go with the standard definition of blessing it’s as follows:

blessing | ˈblesiNG |

a thing conducive to happiness or welfare

When is a blessing not a blessing? When we no longer see it as a blessing.

Maybe it’s too much of a good thing. Maybe we are jaded by these wonderful things we have been receiving and the exhilaration has worn off.  Let me be honest: how many of you have watched a kid open one present after another, listened to them squeal with delight and wonder with each toy freshly naked and exposed how long will it be before they get sick of playing with it? Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids. Now who’s jaded?

I wonder if becoming jaded to the point where blessings transform into slag piles, where treats become same-ol’ same-ol’s, where we say oh, another meal to satiate my hunger, what a bore is the result of a broken full gauge? Are we continuing to receive well past the point of enough or when and we just don’t know it? Is the recognition of the MAX line blurred by the Western consumerist idea that it is better to receive more than to receive?

I believe so. I believe we Westerners or First Worlders or fast food aficionados take for granted so many of the blessings and gifts that we inherently receive from living in a culture of means that we continue to fill our tanks long past the point where the automatic shutoff was supposed to kick in. We find the fuel of our desires sloshing onto our Nine Wests or Jordans or Uggs to the point that the smell of the spilled excess nauseates us.

If it is indeed the case that our desire tanks are way past full then we need to empty our tanks. We can’t make room for more by hoping to burn off that fuel. We have become too bloated with the acquisitions we now take for granted to be able to roll off the couch. We still salivate at the idea of sitting at the table of More but we know we couldn’t eat another bite once we get there. Yet the idea still sounds appealing.

The only way to purge the excess is to hit the pause on acquiring and get to releasing. We need to direct the fuel line to others that are riding on fumes. We need to pass around the hose and offer to let someone in need siphon off our reserves. Few acts serve as profoundly as inspiration than witnessing someone in need becoming overjoyed by our generous provisions.