Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles
A man juggles two pentacles in an infinite loop, two ships ride large rolling waves in the background

If we follow the ideas behind the Law of Attraction, manifesting our desired outcomes in life should be simple, right? Yet all too often it seems to be anything but simple.

We learn that we are supposed to focus on our desired outcome and believe we will receive it unquestionably. We are taught to show gratitude for every thing that comes into our sphere of experience – good, bad, or otherwise. We receive wisdom that stresses the importance of maintaining a positive attitude in order to foster positive results. Yet in the meantime the challenges continue, the struggles manifest, the strenuous effort required of us does not seem to ebb. We begin to wonder if none of these tips on manifestation are working.

The fruits on trees are not the result of a string of unending sunny days. The trees welcome the rainy days, knowing the water from the sky is required to plump its fruit. Several blossoms wither and its petals fall to never bear fruit, giving way to other petals that will produce a greater yield. Strong winds come to strengthen the tree’s trunk, roots and boughs, and some limbs crack and give way to provide necessary rebalancing of weight and energy.

The fruits of our endeavors function the same way. The juggles and struggles create the necessary momentum to bring our desires to fruition. The adversity we encounter strengthens our tenacity and determination, reinforcing our certainty in what we want to manifest. If a given desire falls away during a specific challenge, that desire was meant to expire to ensure the success of an even grander goal.

To use a belabored analogy, life is indeed like a roller coaster. In order to experience the thrill of the exhilarating descent of the car, the air rushing past our face, gravity and inertia pulling the blood into our heads as our endorphins swell with the acceleration, the car first has to make that laborious climb up the steep grade, requiring greater effort with each foot gained as it works against gravity’s relentless demands.

Each obstacle yields a reward, and with each reward received a new obstacle unveils itself. This is the rhythm of life. When we sit beneath the tree feasting on the fruits of our labor, the fruit is that much sweeter when we know it will only last so long. The tree bears only so much fruit, and that which it does bear will fall into decay well before we can consume it all. At that point we must work to help foster a successful crop for the next season, having only the memory of the sweet fruit to sustain us until then.