Queen of Wands

A queen is seated on a throne, staff in one hand and a sunflower in the other. A black cat is seated at her feet
A queen is seated on a throne, staff in one hand and a sunflower in the other. A black cat is seated at her feet

The lion’s share of the power behind manifestation stems from creative expression. This is not purely limited to the creativity that goes toward attaining one’s goals and dreams. This applies to the exercise of creativity in and of itself.

The expression of creativity is a muscle, for all intents and purposes. The creativity required for shaping and forming the life we desire must be exercised and developed. In sports, preseason games do not count toward the team’s record but the games themselves are valuable for assessing their strategy and style. Painters, sculptors, musicians, and several other types of artists will initiate countless pieces and projects only to scrap them even after putting hours of work into them.

These exercises are just that, exercises. They are for the purpose of developing, training, and honing our creative power. The end result of anything in our life we work toward manifesting is the result of the many attempts that have preceded the final product.

However, what often holds us back from engaging in creative exercises is the frustration of repeated “attempts” that have not yielded any expected results. We see each attempt as a failure rather than an exercise. One way we can move beyond this perception is to view the exercises as playful endeavors, to not invest in the outcome, and allow our creativity to flow without the limits that can result from the expectations we place on ourselves to complete a task or to “get it right”. The final result will invariably contain every round of creativity we engaged in, therefore no trial run is ever wasted.


Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups
A knight steadily rides on horseback carrying a chalice, a river, mountains and a clear sky in the background

As our emotions serve as the fuel for our inner creative force, it is important for us to experience them and allow them to flow in order to understand them.

We often learn from an early age that some emotions are negative, harmful, or undesirable. As a result we have developed ways to surpress these unwanted feelings. Boys are taught in our society that it is not appropriate to cry or appear vulnerable through their emotions. Anger is frequently labeled as being negative and unwelcome. Yet all these emotions have their genesis, and to stifle their expression or deny their existence is to surrender the opportunity to use their powerful force to align ourselves with our own creative energy.

That is not to say that we would do well to fully act on our emotional state without discretion or restraint. Rather, it is to acknowledge our feelings as valid, even embracing them and our right to their presence in us as a natural byproduct of the expression of who we are as unique individuals. To surpress our feelings is to say we are not entitled to that which we truly desire in life.

While we can intellectualize what any given emotion means for us we will fall short of discovering our personal truth until we allow it to run its natural course. Emotions function like currents of a body of water, they propel us in a given direction based on the desires that gave birth to the emotional state. Only upon embracing our right to the emotions will we find the current carrying us to our goals. To deny their right to exist is akin to fastening our intentions to a heavy weight and sinking it to the depths of the lake of emotions, only to remain adrift on the stillness of stoicism, moving in no particular direction.

Though an emotion may be uncomfortable, it is not an indication that it is wrong. It is functioning as does a grain of sand in an oyster. The oyster embraces the irritant rather than denying its existence, from which is produced a wondrous pearl of beauty and value.

The rabbit hole of retribution

With the news of the death of Osama Bin Laden, it appears that hardly anyone is without some sort of reaction. I am no exception.

Last night I witnessed the pundits lobbing perspectives back and forth. I saw Facebook statuses blow up with cheers and exultation. I watched news cameras pan across celebratory dances, hand-hoisted American flags, fists pumping in the air. And it made me sad. Continue reading The rabbit hole of retribution

Hiding my spirituality in plain sight

I need to be blatantly honest here. This is a very spiritual and introspective space here. This is sort of like my salt bath in blog form. It’s like my virtual Calgon, where I soak in the writings of my self-examination, but my tub is out in the middle of Times Square where any passer-by can look upon me soaking naked, for anyone to see. Continue reading Hiding my spirituality in plain sight

Anger’s call to action

Anger is a natural emotion which allows U to say “No thank you.” It doesn’t need to be abusive & never has to be damaging to another.

This is a Tweet that came through last night from Neale Donald Walsh, author of the Conversations with God series of books, a series I have found highly inspirational. This statement came at the right time for me. Continue reading Anger’s call to action

Absorb and release in ebb and flow

I probably shouldn’t be writing this right now.

I’ve been in that mode where I get in a sort of convergence zone. I’ve been voraciously feasting on spiritual topics, ideas, and thoughts. Yet I’ve also been brimming with the urge to regurgitate all this half-digested spiritual intake. I feel like a spiritual bivalve. Continue reading Absorb and release in ebb and flow

Embracing an opposing perspective

I’m starting to forget how to rally against things.

I was once the self-proclaimed king of rants. I had the ability to go off on a rant and dress up my disdain like a chief in a Mardi Gras parade. But I may be losing the gift of rant, reduced only to observations that hold an evaporating cynicism, bereft of the flamboyant excitable vocabulary that once accompanied these expressions of my viewpoints. Continue reading Embracing an opposing perspective