Four of Cups with The Empress

Quantum Tarot 2.0 by Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler

Are you feeling jaded and bored? Be homeless for a day.

You say, “David, being homeless sounds boring. I see those people sitting around doing nothing all day with a cardboard sign that asks for money.”

Well let me tell you this… most homeless people I encounter are busying themselves. They are searching for food and provisions that will get them through the day. There is nothing boring about constantly being in a state of survival mode.

Well I’m not here to talk about social welfare or the plight of the homeless. I’m simply trying to make a point.

Being jaded and uninspired seems to be a symptom of middle class and above. We surround ourselves with a myriad of trinkets and toys and distractions until we inevitably find that none of these things seem to do it for us. We land in between the new and the used, the sheen and lustre and chrome plating has become dull, the gadget has been played with for the thousandth time and has become predictable and stale.

So I say if we find ourselves in the throws of ennui it’s time to get rid of our comforts. If we can’t seem to entertain ourselves any longer with the shiny trappings with which we crows have crowded our nests, perhaps it’s time to do away with them. It’s interesting to see what yields from the deep dark well of deficit.

Inspiration is not derived from objets d’sire. We have fallen under the Madison Avenue induced trance that has convinced us otherwise. We believe we are inspired by the fascination that novelty brings in the heads-up display of our new car or the slick features of that new smartphone. Yet these are merely distractions as they do not inspire outward expression drawn from the well of creativity. They are merely the tools of Mesmer that hold us transfixed until the newness sloughs off like so many dead skin cells.

Creative expression is drawn from the great void of isness. It is processed from the syrup that flows from the tapping of our soul. When we can turn inward to the cornucopia of our inexhaustible and boundless inner landscape we will find an array of flotsam and jetsam strewn out of the collision of countless beautiful experiences, tiny fragments of the constant re-creating and defining of the utterly broken and errant yet perfect and beautiful self.

If we find ourselves in the throws of the dulls, it is time we stop looking outside ourselves for inspiration. Our numbness is an indication we have become disconnected from the kernel of who we are and our inner voice sounds like din or worse yet, we have completely soundproofed ourselves against the call of introspection. What we are hearing is a clarion call disguised as boredom and numbness. Once we release the agitated ego that is attached to the ennui we find we were actually yearning to retreat within yet we were afraid to do so.


Four of Cups with The Lovers

Quantum Tarot (1.0) by Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler

For many there is nothing worse than the feeling of being jaded and bored. Everything the eyes set upon has a dullness. The senses are immune to anything titillating or tantalizing. The author of Ecclesiastes earns a knowing yet numb nod for stating that there is nothing new under the sun, and even that big oaf of an orb has been putting on the same old show for four billion years.

Although it may feel like the entropy of all things interesting and exciting, boredom is ironically anything but static. Jadedness and numbness is not a result, but a construct. One does not merely wake up bored; it is essentially an accumulation of unsatisfactory outcomes that have become so taxing and exhausting they have drained us of anything akin to hope. Ennui is the carrion birds that have landed on the carcass that was once our living dreams.

For those of you reading this post that may be teetering on the edge of the kind of boredom that has you gorging on Rold Golds while watching reruns of Too Close For Comfort at 2am, you might consider it an affront to your divinely bestowed state of ennui: Boredom is a choice. Boredom is the safety net to keep from having to experience one more round of disappointment, of lifting your arms and opening your hands to release the dove of aspirations only to have it plummet to the earth after taking on a blast of birdshot from the .22 of “reality”. You can’t hurt if you can’t feel, right?

In this scenario it is Mr. Expectation that wears the black hat. The aspirations and goals we’ve created and set for ourselves is based on something outside of ourselves; as a result, the pursuit of said attainments are hollow at best. The discomfort from the knocks we take on the way don’t seem to be worth the prize and all we do is draw through our teeth while rubbing our skinned knee, vowing never to stand up again.

The fruit we bite into has to be so succulent that we don’t care if the juice runs down our arm into the sleeve of our Dolce & Gabbana ribbed knit jumper. The exercise in chasing our dreams must awaken our passion and sensuality in and of itself. The goals we set must be comprised of steps that are so alivening that we will want to do them again and again even if it means breaking a nail or a toe bone or an ego. If the end merely justifies the means and the means are bereft of flavor, in the end we will end up bored and uninspired. The remedy is to find the passion within our purpose and the pursuit therein to stave off the potential of becoming jaded in the process.

Four of Cups

Four of Cups
A man seated against a tree appears disinterested in the cups before him, as well as the additional cup being offered

The life we wish to manifest begins with a desire, with a vision, with a picture in our minds of what we want for ourselves. In order to begin to manifest we have to have this vision first; in other words, setting our intention is the prerequisite to having the life we want.

There are times, however, when we desire a life other than the one we currently have, yet we have no idea as to where we want to go. We have simply become jaded in our current circumstance. The space which we are existing in is filled with boredom, we have become tired and uninterested in the environment we are in, or the people that surround us. Continue reading Four of Cups