Two of Swords with Wheel of Fortune

Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Lösche

A for-sure guaranteed inevitability that will definitely happen at some point in life is where we come to a crossroads, that place of indecision. Chicken or fish? The one that comes in gray or the one that comes in black?  Date the one from Arkansas or the one from Missouri? Call an Uber or call a cab?

Of course I cited examples that could be filed under small potatoes minutia. There are the biggies like coming out of the closet, or taking a job in another state or province, whether or not to quit our job, or whether or not to deliberately disseminate our glorious bouquet of DNA throughout the universe. Those are the ones that make us lay awake at night with our eyes wide open, counting bits of ceiling popcorn.

These episodes of paralysis-inducing ambivalence on what we truly desire is not as it seems. We like to believe that our vacillation stems from the fact that we want Option A as badly as we want Option 2. Let’s keep telling ourselves that we are the flag on the tug-of-war rope with the equally covetable options vying for our final decision.

But here’s the truth: the very thing that gets us stuck between Scylla and Charybdis is fear. Fear of being permanently encumbered with the result of making the wrong choice. It’s not that we want what’s in the left hand and right hand equally, we are afraid of being disappointed with what we ultimately chose and letting the unchosen option get away, never to see it again.

It seems to me that we stand at these crossroads looking in one direction or the other as if the road will always continue in that chosen direction. The reality is no matter which decision we make, that path will lead us to another bifurcation at some point. Every choice presents us its reward through what it used to tantalize us, yet it also calls for sacrificing something else we desire.

We are never permanently stuck with the results of a decision. What we chose inevitably leads to the next mentally rending decision at some point down the road, like a set of Matryoshka dolls with another point of decision within the preceding one. We could decide to bivouac in the middle of the intersection and refuse to take a path if we find ourselves that paralyzed. However, life is avaricious for change, it insists on exacting its toll of metamorphosis, it throws entropy in the face of the static. If we think we can avoid regret by not choosing, life will choose for us and we will invariably receive neither option.


Two of Swords

Two of Swords
A figure sits blindfolded at night before the sea, two swords balanced between crossed arms

At some point while on our path to manifesting our desired outcome we will find ourselves at a crossroad, at a point of indecision. We may even find ourselves completely immobilized at this point, unsure of what decision to make, of which direction would be best for our decided outcome.

There are many factors that may contribute to us freezing in place during our journey. Most commonly this is due to finding ourselves pulled between the desire we have envisioned and an opposing fear, like the flag in the center of a tug-of-war rope. We may be stalled by the fear of success, of the tremendous change it would bring or of a greater responsibility or commitment it would endow us with. We may be frozen in place by the possibility of failure, of not being able to reach the goal we have set for ourselves. Continue reading Two of Swords

Ace of Swords

Manifestation is initiated when we set our intention, but it is actuated through our every decision, through each and every choice we make.

Ace of Swords
A hand extends from a cloud, grasping a sword pointed upward topped with a crown, garland and laurels

When we begin to learn about the energy behind manifestation, we can sometimes get caught up with merely setting an intention and employing visualization. While this is certainly essential, a prerequisite to creating an intended outcome, it cannot suffice in and of itself.

The true power of creation resides in the very moment of making a decision. Each moment of decision brings us to a crossroad where we are charging up our inherent power as creative beings. Once we make a choice we are nudging the entire universe in the given direction of our decision. We are bending reality to our desire, releasing the unwanted reality and moving ourselves into a state of existence that is in alignment with the envisioned desire we originally created. Continue reading Ace of Swords

Two of Wands

A man of means surveys vast lands from on high while contemplating a globe in his hand
A man of means surveys vast lands from on high while contemplating a globe in his hand

So frequently in life we find ourselves at a crossroads, at a point where we need to make a big decision. Sometimes when we reach that point we have trouble deciding which road to take. We deliberate with ourselves, we weigh our options, we seek advice, all in hopes that we can gather enough information to be able to make an informed, well thought out decision.

What if I were to say that we already know which road we want to take by the time we reach the fork in the road? Our deliberation is not due to wanting one of two outcomes. Our most desired outcome always lies on only one of the two roads, and we already know which road takes us there. The ambivalence comes because we are trying to decide between pursuing what we want and avoiding what we don’t want.

Our desired outcomes are also our rewards. We are rewarding ourselves for overcoming adversity, for finding the courage to take on challenges that we did not know we even had the strength to face. We know that between where we stand at the crossroads and the destination of achievement is a journey fraught with obstacles and setbacks. It is these obstacles that we fear, these challenges that we dread having to face while on the road to our desired manifestation. It’s not that the other road holds something we want just as much; rather, it offers the false promises of less adversity, of not having to face the challenges we know will be before us on the road of our true calling.

The “easy” road is anything but easy. It is paved with the illusion of an escape from struggle and hard work. Yet this road actually offers a much more uncomfortable ride. Our complacency molded from our own fears would have us choose a road that will inevitably leave us unsatisfied, full of regret, chanting the mantra of lament: “What would my life be like if I had taken that other road?” The challenges we meet while on the road to our truest desires are only mild inconveniences compared to the encumbering burden of regret we carry on the easy road. It may have appeared that we had chosen the more painless path, but settling for the easy route is how we manifest dissatisfaction.

There are no two roads that offer us what we want; there is one road that offers us what we want and the other which we believe will allow us to avoid what we don’t want. In these cases we already know which road to take. The road toward what we want may appear to be the most challenging road, but in all actuality it is the safest.