The World with The Hanged Man

Quantum Tarot 2.0 by Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler

Because I have a mind that resembles a rebus depiction of a circus, I want to expound on the commonality between music and death. Look at that, the Death card isn’t even present and accounted for. Thanatos didn’t even show up for his senior picture for the yearbook in this week’s post.

I speak to this concept as a musician, though not as one who is dead. I write music, songs as it were. I look at my audial creations as being on loan from the Muse. I get to borrow them as I’m cobbling them together, but once they are complete I have to let them go, release them to the world like a dole of doves that just came into a bit of luck during a wedding ceremony, or each spider I insist on tossing across the threshold to the great outdoors as opposed to meeting its maker under a shoe sole or a rolled up Vanity Fair or in the vortex of the toilet grave. But since we’re speaking of death…

In a way, that song I wrote dies once it has been written. It no longer serves me in such exclusivity as it did during its creation. I no more own it than anyone else who hears it at that point, much to the contrary of James Hetfield’s philosophy. This is no different to when a creature dies. The creature had exclusive use of the body while it was alive, but when it gives up the ectoplasm and falls into decay, as human turns to humus, the breakdown of what was the vehicle of identity focus now gets called dibs on by a myriad of bacteria, insects, and other delightful connoisseurs of carrion.

Alright, let me perform last rites on the above analogy. Much like the written song and the surrendered body, all our endeavors, once they reach completion, no longer belong to us. This is true for what we may be building, the project we are vested in at our places of work, the children we bear, anything that is of our creation. Once the creation process ends, so does our ownership of the creation. Or it should.

The idea of all that we create being for ourselves really does not serve us, though we may believe it does. If we are holding onto our creation too tightly, then we would do well to find a way to sever it from the clutches of our ownership. I don’t mean in a take it to Judge Judy and let her rule on it sort of way, I mean in a true appreciation sort of way. So you made that beautiful bench out of the stern of a Colonial galleon, gold leaf, and the teeth of a crocodile; if you are the only one to sit upon that bench, then what good is it?

Our creations are our gifts to the world. They are ours while we are shaping and forming them, as that’s when we inject who we are into them. Once the finishing touches have been applied it is time to let them go. A gift of our creation to ourselves is not really a gift. It only acquires value once we relinquish ownership of it and surrender it to the world at large.


Influences on 2016

Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans

Is this another one of those what’s coming in the year ahead readings? Yes with an ifNo with a but…

If you are one of the wonderful listeners of our podcast Menage a Tarot then I’m sure you’re already aware I don’t care to do predictions with the Tarot. If you do not or have not listened to our podcast… you know now.

I see Tarot as a way of seeing the influences that are floating around in the air of probability like dust particles dancing in the sunlight through a window. There are energies that create eddies of influence based on the culmination of current events, the way the amount of traffic on the road or a Miley Cyrus song on the radio can influence our mood. I don’t believe anything is set in stone, though I do believe a train can be headed in a certain direction that will be tricky to stop or redirect at it’s current speed.

Okay, enough of the disclaimer. Here we go.

Eight of Wands – 2016’s energetic influence

2016 is the year when we see endeavors come to their fruition, when imminent closure becomes the word of the day, when we are close to saying we’ve arrived. This may be things we’ve been working on for a few months or several years. Even if we don’t see definitive endings in this year we will certainly see the signal that things are wrapping up soon.

Karma – mid March to mid June (spring)

The roosters are coming home to roost. Or is the chickens? The chickens are coming home to roost. I suppose because chickens roost rather than roosters? You’d think roosters roost based on their name. Maybe they do. What do I know, I grew up on a block with a cul-de-sac.

Spring of 2016 is when the piper comes around and asks for his check. Events come around that make us say “Did I deserve this?” Good or bad, up or down, whatever big chunks of circumstance that come around seemingly out of nowhere, it’s the universe’s justice system meting out sentences. Whatever groundwork we laid in 2015 or even further back based on how we treated others or the decisions we made and actions we took will pop up out of the ground or fall from the sky during this time. Even if the reaping doesn’t readily occur we will see the chickens on the horizon heading back this way to settle into the coop, whether we’re ready or not. Nonetheless it has to occur to create the energetic space for the rest of the year ahead.

The Lovers – mid June to mid September (summer)

This time of year will present a nice ripe opportunity for us to get our big projects and endeavors wrapped up, to finally see our plans come to fruition. Now here’s the caveat, because there’s always a caveat and nothing is free: These plans won’t just fall into place. They need to have a safe place to land. That means that we need to have our house in order. We need to lay out the logistics with our head and find inspiration and enthusiasm with our heart. Nor can we attempt to stamp it finished without getting the one person closest to us to sign off on it. Without the approval, cooperation, and accompaniment of our bestie, the wheels will never touch ground and our plans will simply become carrots on sticks.

Queen of Swords – mid September to mid December (autumn)

If we paid attention in the summer and found completion with our closest advocate in some manner or another, we will have the clarity and strength to wrap up the self-work that is due as we roll into the autumn. There will be a particular type of fullness that we will have attained through traveling to the end of a given road abreast with our number one ally, which is just what the witch doctor ordered to ready us for finishing up our solo endeavors. If we brushed them off during the summer and told them we’d meet them in the fall to complete our plan, we will find them absent as the cool air drifts in with the falling autumn leaves. We won’t find ourselves going it alone, we will find ourselves going it lonely.

Seven of Wands – mid December 2016 to mid January 2017 (winter)

If we haven’t found closure or completion by the time winter comes around, it will be that much harder for us going into it. The heaviness of the cold season with its short days will add another 50 pound bag of flour to our load in getting things wrapped up. The naysayers will seem to come out of the woodwork and they’ll have their tongues cocked for clucking and their mighty pen-swords armed for trolling our efforts. All our energy will be spent fending off energetic saboteurs rather than completing what should have been done well before Old Man 2016 was delivered last rites. We will carry our unfinished endeavors into 2017 like returning home with suitcases full of luggage to unpack from a canceled trip.

What has been in play in 2015 will get a neat little bow in 2016, or it will throb and pulse in our vista until we give it the attention to enable it to culminate into whatever finale it is yearning to reach. We need to either let them finalize or willfully stitch them up. We can only carry into 2017 the endeavors which we began near this new year’s end, as this is the year the window on our long standing plans will close.

Eight of Wands

Eight staves in flight approach their descent, nearing impact
Eight staves in flight approach their descent, nearing impact

So we envision what we want in our lives, we take actions to attract and manifest the things we want, and we can see the new life we have been wanting is now within our grasp. Are we ready?

When we envision attracting anything into our lives, whether it be a new career, finding the love of our life, moving into a new home or to a different state or country, we can be certain our lives will change. There is no “safe” route per se, a route where change comes at us head on with a guarantee we will remain comfortable and cozy throughout the change. When change comes, we may have to hold on and be ready for whatever hits us.

The truth of it is, once the momentum of manifestation has its force behind it, there is no turning back. We can only accept what comes our way. No matter how thoroughly we board up our house it does not lessen the impact of a hurricane. We can have the nursery painted, the crib prepared, the swaddling skills honed, but nothing can quite prepare us for caring for our first newborn baby. Every significant life change is accompanied by a myriad of unforeseen curveballs.

Can we ever be truly ready for the next big event in our lives? Can anyone be truly prepared for the unpredictable? The best preparation we can provide ourselves in the face of imminent change is to let go of the suitcase that we have packed with our old way of life and surrender to whatever comes our way. We adapt best to change when we bring with us no preconceived expectations.


An angel above blows a trumpet as the deceased arise from their coffins, arms raised in praise

Yes, tenacity and hard work are absolutely essential when it comes to manifesting our desired outcomes. There are times when we spend what seems an eternity on the road to our destination, where we have spent an inordinate amount of time applying our efforts to produce the results we want.

Sometimes in our efforts we create such a pattern of toil and perseverance we find we get caught up in it. We have put our head down and powered through, then come to find out we’ve missed our stop when we weren’t looking out the window. We have silenced the children in the back seat of our minds who have been continually asking “are we there yet?”, then we have developed road hypnosis while gripping the wheel and mentally repeating the mantra “just drive. Keep driving.”

During our extended efforts it is important to pull over at the next rest stop and take a break, look at our road map. We need to evaluate our position and find out if we have truly arrived at where we want to be in life. We may believe we will know when we get where we want to go, but self-doubt and uncertainty can creep in. It will tell us that we still aren’t ready for that big goal which we’ve worked so hard to attain, that we still need to continue our efforts. We will tell ourselves the moment isn’t perfect, or that all the pieces are not yet in place, so we must continue to power through.

At times the hardest thing to accept is the fact that we have reached our goal, that it is time to open the door and walk through, where life as we know it will completely change. If we let the fear of this change grip us, we will convince ourselves there is still more work to do and deny the fact that it is time to embrace the destiny that we have finally reached.