Prince of Swords with Seven of Wands

Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Lösche

Someone said the best offense is a good defense

…or is it the best defense is a good offense?

Either way, someone said it. Likely someone military or game or sports oriented, like George Washington or Lao Tsu or Guy Lombardo… or is that Vince Lombardi?

The idea here is that if you are constantly pressing an aggressive offense onto your opponent, they exhaust themselves in their defense so that they have no time or energy or provisions for a counterattack.

Enter American Football. The adage in today’s 21st century gridiron is that it’s the defense that determines the outcome of the game. In other words, an excellent defense against a good offense is more likely to win than an excellent offense against a good defense.

Are you confused yet? You should be.

Enter David and his warped-ass concepts, birthed from the carnival of his cognizance and conceptualization…

Much to the condescending contempt of colonels and coaches everywhere, I would dare to say these two sides of the coin of conflict are indistinguishable. Offense and defense may seem different on paper, but the only true difference is no greater than the color of the chess pieces on either side of the board. If you’re in an offensive position you are simply exercising proactive defense. If you find yourself on the defense it is because you are offended.

Let me take this one step further, a step away from merely waxing philosophical and toward practical and functional: whichever side we believe ourselves to be on during any melee, skirmish, scrimage, or campaign, it would behoove us to not purely consider ourselves merely on offense or defense. Each side must acknowledge and embrace the other aspect in all engagements, or we will lose whatever battle we are embrawled in.

As offense, we need to be ready to defend ourselves at a moment’s notice. When we are on the attack, the assailed will fight back. During our attack we constantly need to parry against defensive countering. On defense we cannot simply brace our shields and hope for the best. We must counterstrike each blow to drive back the aggressor.

This concept is not restricted to sports and military and fisticuffs. It benefits us to apply a well balanced mix of offense and defense in any challenging situation. Any time we need to apply energy to get through an obstacle or we need to steel ourselves against an adversity life decides to throw at us we need to apply this principle. A purely aggressive or defensive position in any endeavor leaves us vulnerable, no matter the power of our onslaught or the thickness of our fortification. Like all other things in life, balance in the mode we take toward our conquests assures us the strongest position.



An angel distributes water between two chalices, one foot upon land with the other in the sea

Often when we set an intention we are visualizing what it is we wish to manifest for ourselves. We then take action toward creating the outcome we desire. However, all too often we will attempt to turn our actions and efforts into a dynamo of sorts, believing that the more energy we expend the sooner or greater the outcome will be. This notion is deceptive at best.

The process of manifestation is constantly shifting, is dynamic and pendular in its nature. The greatest growth often occurs during times of stillness, such as a seed uncoiling beneath the soil. We may feel that to not constantly be applying effort and action toward our goals will pull us away from seeing them fulfilled, yet constant application and unyielding effort can throw us completely out of balance. Continue reading Temperance


A robed and crowned person is seated between stone pillars, a raised sword in one hand and balance scales in the other

When we think about the process of manifestation, we think about that which we desire. We think about a goal we set for ourselves or the life we wish to create. We may see the process of manifestation as discretionary, as only in play when we are setting a deliberate conscious intention, as only being affective when we are applying acute focus to our vision.

We would do well to remember that manifestation is a perpetual process, bringing with it a myriad of outcomes. We are always manifesting. In every moment of our lives, without exception, we are presented with a choice. It is in this series of choices, without any gaps between, where manifestation truly takes place. Continue reading Justice