Six of Pentacles

A well dressed gentleman distributes coins to impoverished people kneeling before him in supplication

One of the foundations of manifestation is acknowledging that we already have that which we desire. When we believe that what we desire already exists, the Universe creates it the moment that we set the intention.

The obstacle most of us reach with this concept is the same trouble we have accepting a well-worn concept we’re often told when we hope to find ourselves in a romantic relationship: It always happens when you’re not looking. Our response to this seemingly ludicrous statement is “When is that? When is one not looking for our special someone? How can we want to be in a relationship but not be looking for M. Right?”

The parts that get left out of the magic in that truth is when we are satisfied with our lives, when we are happy with who we are, we then have something to offer. We have cultivated a field of richness unto which to plant a relationship. If we are looking for that relationship to fill a void in ourselves, we get a relationship that thrives on such a void, that exists specifically for the purpose of filling that void. Once the void has been filled the relationship outlives its usefulness and withers like a vine in a drought.

This seemingly ironic notion also applies to the Law of Attraction. We must believe we have already created what it is we desire. We can always wish upon birthday candles, but if we don’t believe our wish will be granted, that is the part that actually will come true. We blow out our wish fulfillment when we blow out the candles. If we cannot envision living the type of life we desire, if we don’t believe we are worthy or deserving of a fulfilling life, the Universe will not give it. We cannot create for ourselves that which we don’t believe we can have or even deserve to have.

So how can we create this belief for ourselves if we stand on the side of lack? If we already have what we want, why would we even be interested in trying to manifest it for ourselves? The truth is, we do have. We simply need to remind ourselves what abundance feels like in order to believe we can create it. The best way to do this is to give of ourselves. There are always those out there that have considerably less than we do, be it spare time, happiness, money, and so on. Nothing reminds us of our own cornucopia more than giving to others, more than reminding ourselves of the good fortune we have truly been blessed with in the light of those who are struggling to get by. The message we give to ourselves and the Universe is that we have more than enough to meet our needs, enough that we can spare some of our plenitude for those who have none.

In this crazy realm of esoterica on which our Universe runs, like attracts like. If you live as if you have plenty, you will receive plenty. If you consistently operate from a mentality of lack, you will continue to experience lack. This same principle is the foundation behind the idea that whatever we give to others returns to us in even greater amounts. The Old Testament talks about how enacting vengeance on Cain (who killed his brother) would incur a wrath to the avenger seven times as much as the wrath inflicted unto Cain. Wicca talks about how any magic performed, black or white, would be reflected back tripled in nature unto its caster.

So if you want a nice simple clean way to attract abundance into your life, give. That’s not to say you need to sell your house and car and give it all away to charity in hopes that you’ll get three houses and ten cars back. It doesn’t work that way. An intention based on avarice brings that which fosters avarice. Like attracts like, so greed attracts greed. However, if you live as if you can spare a bit of your surplus for those who are in need, your heart will begin to fill through your gesture of goodness and compassion from the joy you have provided for the needy. As your heart fills, your life will begin to shape itself into one of abundance, of plenty, of fulfillment. The best part is others get to benefit as well, so everybody wins.