Nine of Swords

A man sits up in bed overwhelmed and unable to rest as nine swords loom over him

Understanding the Law of Attraction is a very powerful way to create the life we want. However, just understanding the dynamics of manifestation does not guarantee a smooth and easy life free of all problems, issues, and challenges.

We can control the direction our life takes, the direction we wish to go, but we cannot always control every circumstance that comes into our life. Sometimes we experience circumstances that are simply beyond our control. There may be little to nothing we can do to influence the outcome of a situation. We may just have to hunker down and wait out a passing storm. As we can do nothing to change the weather, we can only ensure we remain safe until the maelstrom moves past.

When we find ourselves in the midst of challenging obstacles it can be difficult to remain still in the chaos. We may feel that if we do not take action we are not dealing with the problem. The illusion of taking action often comes in the form of expending great amounts of mental energy, dwelling on the problems, turning over the circumstances in our heads in an attempt to find an illusive solution to our challenge. Unfortunately this is energy that has been diverted from dealing with the very moment we are in, energy that requires our attention in the present rather than in a future outcome. As a result, we worry instead of sleeping, we ponder our stressful situation rather than enjoying a nice meal or appreciating the time we have with our loved ones.

Worrying and dwelling on problems we cannot act on at that moment in time not only is an exercise in futility, it moves us toward more challenges. The stress we accumulate can lead to health issues, poor communications and fractured relationships, further compounding our anxieties on top of what we are already facing. As the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, keeping ourselves in a state of stress attracts further stresses into our life. We can do well to take a step back from the situation, sort the elements into what we can influence and what is out of our reach, take action on what we can affect and wait for the remaining storm to pass. When we remind ourselves that we have experienced challenges in the past and have moved through them eventually, we will recognize that this too shall pass.


Ace of Pentacles

A hand holding a large pentacle extends from a cloud, as a path leads through a lush arbor toward the mountains in the distance

One of the many obstacles to manifestation is the belief that the resources that could be available to us are limited.

We often perceive the things we want in life are in limited supply or of limited access. This seems to be particularly true of financial abundance. We often hear statistics stating that a small percentage of the population controls, or is in possession of, the largest percent of the wealth. As we subscribe to this belief we automatically create parameters around these ideas, that abundance can only be acquired by an exclusive group, an elite circle, or those who have extraordinary abilities, talent, or good fortune.

We also carry the belief that as long as there is a finite supply of anything, the more one person or group of people have, the less is available to all others. We might believe that having any abundance come into our life may create lack in someone else’s life, or that our own lack is the result of the mass of income and earnings gained by another.

None of these notions could be further from the truth. Abundance is not measurable in terms of a balance scale, where to fill one bucket you must empty another. Abundance is like the ocean. There is enough water in all the oceans for every human on this planet to fill a bathtub several times with so much left over it would seem as if the volume was hardly impacted.

The obstacle that stands between us and receiving all we desire is holding onto the belief that we have no means of getting the water to the tub. We feel we do not have the means or the capability or the talent or the wherewithal to attract into our lives all that we want. We do not feel we are worthy of such good fortune, and as a result, we create that very reality.

One of the simplest ways of attracting abundance is to realize the wealth we already  have through taking inventory of our blessings and our good fortune. The simple act of taking account of all the positive things we have in our life, even if the negative things seem to outweigh them, helps us realize we are not totally bereft of goodness in our lives. Each positive that we can acknowledge actually having in our personal inventory brings us one step closer to affirming that we are deserving of blessings, that we have the capability of creating for ourselves the things we want. The negatives we simply need to see as a placeholder for more gains and rewards that are sure to come our way.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. This begins in our beliefs. If we create a belief system for ourselves that illustrates and highlights our own prosperity, that in and of itself will attract more prosperity. The only truth to there being a limit on all that is available to us is validated when we believe there is a limit, that there is a finite quantity of what is available for us to acquire. We create a cornucopia for ourselves once we dispence with this illusion.

Page of Swords

A young man readies himself with his sword, looking over his shoulder for whatever might come his way

When we are creating the life we want, we are often bringing new energies into our life that weren’t previously there. To experience this new life we need to learn to live in this new way.

However, nothing new comes naturally or easily. It’s much like buying a nice pair of jeans. The jeans look very attractive there on the shelf. We hold them out and hold them against our bodies to see how they might look on us. We try  them on and walk about in them to make sure they are comfortable for us to wear, to make sure they are adequately sized for us, to make sure our movement is not at all restricted in them. Then we buy the jeans and take them home. But we still need to break them in. We still need to wear them until they reshape themselves to feel completely comfortable, to form to our unique physical frame.

In this way we also have to break in a new lifestyle, an new way of living, a new perspective on our own lives and the world in general. Once we bring into our lives that which we desire, we then have to get used to living with it. This is not without its challenges. Just like the new jeans, as nice as we believe we look when we are wearing them, we still tug and pull at them. We still wash them round after round while they are transitioning from the cut of the template to our custom form.

There are times we have to try new things that we’ve never tried before. We have to take new actions to move us toward the life we want. These actions may feel awkward and challenging. We might begin to step into our new role and be surprised that it doesn’t feel as wonderful as we had initially thought it might. That is because we have not learned to incorporate the new way of being into who we are, into how we define ourselves.

It is at this stage that we often will turn around, abandoning this uncomfortable newness to head back to what was more familiar, more comfortable. It may not have been our ideal, but it was known to us. We had already established nice safe routines in how to negotiate that way of living. We may not have liked some aspects of that way of being, but we had tools and coping mechanisms in dealing with those annoyances.

This is when we need to ask ourselves which we would truly prefer when we look at it with open eyes; would we rather be awkward but excited and on our way into our new lifestyle, or would we rather be comfortable, safe, but unpleasant? If we remind ourselves that the learning period is temporary, and as we learn to live in the new way it will become more familiar, more comfortable, but that it takes time. When we welcome the idea that there will be challenges, there will be missteps and stumbles, there will be obstacles on our way to the life we want, we can accept them as part of the package of positive change, knowing that we’ve earned that which we want through practice, and through courage to face the challenges we encounter on the way.

Six of Pentacles

A well dressed gentleman distributes coins to impoverished people kneeling before him in supplication

One of the foundations of manifestation is acknowledging that we already have that which we desire. When we believe that what we desire already exists, the Universe creates it the moment that we set the intention.

The obstacle most of us reach with this concept is the same trouble we have accepting a well-worn concept we’re often told when we hope to find ourselves in a romantic relationship: It always happens when you’re not looking. Our response to this seemingly ludicrous statement is “When is that? When is one not looking for our special someone? How can we want to be in a relationship but not be looking for M. Right?”

The parts that get left out of the magic in that truth is when we are satisfied with our lives, when we are happy with who we are, we then have something to offer. We have cultivated a field of richness unto which to plant a relationship. If we are looking for that relationship to fill a void in ourselves, we get a relationship that thrives on such a void, that exists specifically for the purpose of filling that void. Once the void has been filled the relationship outlives its usefulness and withers like a vine in a drought.

This seemingly ironic notion also applies to the Law of Attraction. We must believe we have already created what it is we desire. We can always wish upon birthday candles, but if we don’t believe our wish will be granted, that is the part that actually will come true. We blow out our wish fulfillment when we blow out the candles. If we cannot envision living the type of life we desire, if we don’t believe we are worthy or deserving of a fulfilling life, the Universe will not give it. We cannot create for ourselves that which we don’t believe we can have or even deserve to have.

So how can we create this belief for ourselves if we stand on the side of lack? If we already have what we want, why would we even be interested in trying to manifest it for ourselves? The truth is, we do have. We simply need to remind ourselves what abundance feels like in order to believe we can create it. The best way to do this is to give of ourselves. There are always those out there that have considerably less than we do, be it spare time, happiness, money, and so on. Nothing reminds us of our own cornucopia more than giving to others, more than reminding ourselves of the good fortune we have truly been blessed with in the light of those who are struggling to get by. The message we give to ourselves and the Universe is that we have more than enough to meet our needs, enough that we can spare some of our plenitude for those who have none.

In this crazy realm of esoterica on which our Universe runs, like attracts like. If you live as if you have plenty, you will receive plenty. If you consistently operate from a mentality of lack, you will continue to experience lack. This same principle is the foundation behind the idea that whatever we give to others returns to us in even greater amounts. The Old Testament talks about how enacting vengeance on Cain (who killed his brother) would incur a wrath to the avenger seven times as much as the wrath inflicted unto Cain. Wicca talks about how any magic performed, black or white, would be reflected back tripled in nature unto its caster.

So if you want a nice simple clean way to attract abundance into your life, give. That’s not to say you need to sell your house and car and give it all away to charity in hopes that you’ll get three houses and ten cars back. It doesn’t work that way. An intention based on avarice brings that which fosters avarice. Like attracts like, so greed attracts greed. However, if you live as if you can spare a bit of your surplus for those who are in need, your heart will begin to fill through your gesture of goodness and compassion from the joy you have provided for the needy. As your heart fills, your life will begin to shape itself into one of abundance, of plenty, of fulfillment. The best part is others get to benefit as well, so everybody wins.