Four of Wands

A garland of harvest bounty is suspended between two pairs of wands while two figures raise their bounties in jubilation

The intent to manifest is most commonly associated with abundance. We wish to manifest an abundance of what we desire most in life.

To encourage such abundance in our own lives, we need to remember that abundance cannot be exclusive. We cannot successfully manifest abundance for ourselves without fostering abundance in those around us. If we do manage to manifest abundance for ourselves in a way which decreases abundance for others in our society, we will end up creating a deficit for ourselves in some other aspect of our lives.

This extends beyond charity. This extends into the aspect of community. Where charity is giving of ourselves for another’s prosperity, communal abundance is about fostering welfare for all involved, including ourselves. It is a true sharing of the harvest of life, that all are entitled to the fruits and yields of the efforts we contribute through our efforts as unique individuals.

When we share our fruits and gifts with those around us, an energetic cornucopia is created. To celebrate in our gains by sharing the wealth creates a shared joy. The energetic amplification of joy from a multitude increases our own joy, raising our vibration, and attracting further abundance into our own lives.