Six of Swords

A cloaked figure with a child are carefully ferried across a body of water along with several swords.

There is a journey of patience we sometimes need to take from where we set our intentions to where we receive what it is we desire. Often we will set our intentions, knowing it is the prime ingredient to manifestation, then we become frustrated or agitated when the manifestation does not occur as soon as we hope.

Much like baking a cake, all good things come in due time. This time is often needed to allow the conditions to mature for what it is we’re creating. It would be as if we pulled the cake from the oven 20 minutes before the full baking time. Not only would the cake be undercooked and inedible, we could not put the cake back in after we attempted to cut out a slice in all our impatience. We must allow ourselves to wait for the necessary amount of time for our desires to be fully incubated so they can be well established to meet our needs.

At other times it is ourselves that are not ready to receive what it is we desire. We might not have gone through the growth or gained the experience required to put ourselves in a state of readiness to receive the gift we seek. We may not have learned how to handle the reward, or how to care for it once we receive it. We might not have gained the prerequisite level of space between wanting and having that would allow us to truly appreciate it.

It is during these times we need to sit still and allow our previous actions to steep. We need to know that we have to allow time to ferry us across that void of waiting, knowing the vessel can only travel at a certain slow steady pace, realizing that the river does have another side which we will reach in due time. No further action can expedite the journey. It will simply take as long as it takes, but it needs to be taken in its own time.


Knight of Swords

A knight rushes forth with sword raised, into the wind, his mount at full speed.

One of the foundations of manifesting the life we want is to take action. We can embrace and practice all the principles and ideas behind the Law of Attraction, but no matter how much we want our lives to become what we desire, no matter how much we practice visualization, we cannot be truly affective in the power of our own creativity without taking action.

The interesting part is figuring out what degree of action to take. Do we tread lightly and cautiously, or do we leap in with both feet? There are circumstances where our own reticence to take action is based on our fears. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of loss, fear of change, fear of the unknown. Although we may want very much to take our lives in a different direction, fear can often step in front of our desires, shouting with a much louder voice and paralyzing us. It is when we cannot move forward, bound by our own fears, that it may be appropriate to take a sudden lunge into action. The impulse stirs up the sediment that has settled on the path we need to take, lifting the dust and giving way to what direction we are now free to take.

Launching ourselves headlong into creating a major life change also lights a fire in us, ignited by our courage. A reminder of our courage to take action in the face of our fears reawakens confidence in us, which accelerates the momentum we have created. Even if our action takes us into a different place than we had anticipated, we can see several possible directions to go due to having a new vantage point. At the end of the day, we come to realize that the outcome we feared the most by taking action hardly ever comes to fruition, and we feel renewed and reenergized by throwing ourselves into our new endeavors, bring us that much closer to what we had desired in the first place.

Nine of Swords

A man sits up in bed overwhelmed and unable to rest as nine swords loom over him

Understanding the Law of Attraction is a very powerful way to create the life we want. However, just understanding the dynamics of manifestation does not guarantee a smooth and easy life free of all problems, issues, and challenges.

We can control the direction our life takes, the direction we wish to go, but we cannot always control every circumstance that comes into our life. Sometimes we experience circumstances that are simply beyond our control. There may be little to nothing we can do to influence the outcome of a situation. We may just have to hunker down and wait out a passing storm. As we can do nothing to change the weather, we can only ensure we remain safe until the maelstrom moves past.

When we find ourselves in the midst of challenging obstacles it can be difficult to remain still in the chaos. We may feel that if we do not take action we are not dealing with the problem. The illusion of taking action often comes in the form of expending great amounts of mental energy, dwelling on the problems, turning over the circumstances in our heads in an attempt to find an illusive solution to our challenge. Unfortunately this is energy that has been diverted from dealing with the very moment we are in, energy that requires our attention in the present rather than in a future outcome. As a result, we worry instead of sleeping, we ponder our stressful situation rather than enjoying a nice meal or appreciating the time we have with our loved ones.

Worrying and dwelling on problems we cannot act on at that moment in time not only is an exercise in futility, it moves us toward more challenges. The stress we accumulate can lead to health issues, poor communications and fractured relationships, further compounding our anxieties on top of what we are already facing. As the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, keeping ourselves in a state of stress attracts further stresses into our life. We can do well to take a step back from the situation, sort the elements into what we can influence and what is out of our reach, take action on what we can affect and wait for the remaining storm to pass. When we remind ourselves that we have experienced challenges in the past and have moved through them eventually, we will recognize that this too shall pass.

Page of Swords

A young man readies himself with his sword, looking over his shoulder for whatever might come his way

When we are creating the life we want, we are often bringing new energies into our life that weren’t previously there. To experience this new life we need to learn to live in this new way.

However, nothing new comes naturally or easily. It’s much like buying a nice pair of jeans. The jeans look very attractive there on the shelf. We hold them out and hold them against our bodies to see how they might look on us. We try  them on and walk about in them to make sure they are comfortable for us to wear, to make sure they are adequately sized for us, to make sure our movement is not at all restricted in them. Then we buy the jeans and take them home. But we still need to break them in. We still need to wear them until they reshape themselves to feel completely comfortable, to form to our unique physical frame.

In this way we also have to break in a new lifestyle, an new way of living, a new perspective on our own lives and the world in general. Once we bring into our lives that which we desire, we then have to get used to living with it. This is not without its challenges. Just like the new jeans, as nice as we believe we look when we are wearing them, we still tug and pull at them. We still wash them round after round while they are transitioning from the cut of the template to our custom form.

There are times we have to try new things that we’ve never tried before. We have to take new actions to move us toward the life we want. These actions may feel awkward and challenging. We might begin to step into our new role and be surprised that it doesn’t feel as wonderful as we had initially thought it might. That is because we have not learned to incorporate the new way of being into who we are, into how we define ourselves.

It is at this stage that we often will turn around, abandoning this uncomfortable newness to head back to what was more familiar, more comfortable. It may not have been our ideal, but it was known to us. We had already established nice safe routines in how to negotiate that way of living. We may not have liked some aspects of that way of being, but we had tools and coping mechanisms in dealing with those annoyances.

This is when we need to ask ourselves which we would truly prefer when we look at it with open eyes; would we rather be awkward but excited and on our way into our new lifestyle, or would we rather be comfortable, safe, but unpleasant? If we remind ourselves that the learning period is temporary, and as we learn to live in the new way it will become more familiar, more comfortable, but that it takes time. When we welcome the idea that there will be challenges, there will be missteps and stumbles, there will be obstacles on our way to the life we want, we can accept them as part of the package of positive change, knowing that we’ve earned that which we want through practice, and through courage to face the challenges we encounter on the way.