Ace of Cups

A hand extends from a cloud holding a cup overflowing as a dove carrying a wafer descends into it
A hand extends from a cloud holding a cup overflowing as a dove carrying a wafer descends into it

Manifesting is only meaningful in light of wanting. It is this wanting, this desire, that fuels manifestation. It is the depths of our emotions that serves as fuel, as propellant to launching our dreams into the realm of reality.

All too often we find ourselves afraid of our desires and emotions. We feel selfish or overly ambitious to have desires, to dream of a life filled with pleasures and sources of satisfaction. Perhaps we have accepted the idea that suffering is noble and necessary, a prerequisite to spiritual growth. We may even feel afraid to dream of wanted delights as we believe we are not deserving of goodness and joy for a myriad of reasons. Continue reading Ace of Cups


Seven of Cups

A person is faced with several cups containing a myriad of choices
A person is faced with several cups containing a myriad of choices

As we travel down the path that leads us to the desired outcome of our lives, we often find the greatest obstacles are the ones created from self-doubt. One of the greatest of causes for self-doubt comes from our own distraction.

It is not uncommon for us to encounter diversions as we move toward accomplishing our goals. We might be drawn to something that is more appealing in the moment, something that does not necessarily lead to our destination. While on a very long journey we may decide we need to take a break to recharge and regroup, only to find the break has lasted considerably longer than we had originally intended it to. Continue reading Seven of Cups

King of Cups

This week I have invited Ronda Snow of Modern Oracle Tarot to be the guest author of today’s post. For any fan of Tarot and of the principles of manifestation I highly recommend her blog! Enjoy this wonderful post she provides below.

Psychic Tip: We can “read” anything in our world as an answer to a an issue or question. The answer is in our heart and the world reflects it back to us. If you asked a question and your eyes caught a spider web, this web could reflect the truth that is within and be an answer to your question.
– Joy Star
King of Cups
A king sits on a throne, chalice in his right hand and scepter in his left, a watery realm surrounds his throne

This quote relates to the King of Cups card, because this card is associated with guidance, both literal and intuitive.  I see it as symbolizing guidance in all of its forms.  Like the spider web in the quote, the whisperings on our own insight, the blunt words of a friend the world around us is saturated in guidance. Being both male, and of the suite of cups (intuition, water, female, yin qualities) the guidance in the King of Cups card is very rooted, grounded, and practical yet wise, compassionate, and very personal. The King of cups is mentoring and guidance for and from the heart.  The King of Cups represents the essence of a life changing real-world mentor, and the essence of a true spirit guide as well.

I’ve always felt the most helpful, the most epiphany-filled readings are the ones that act like a mirror. The best readings simply show the truth that the sitter already deep-down knew.  No matter what oracle you use, be it Tarot, runes, palm lines, tea leaves – or spider webs – the very best psychic reading is the one that brings your own wisdom, insight, and courage to the surface. Working with a mentor, or with your spirit guides can do that exact same thing.

Let’s focus on spirit guides for a moment. There are a variety of ways that they can relate to this card and to the idea of guidance. Some people view “spirit guides” as intelligent entities outside themselves such as guardian angels, crossed over loved ones, or other non-corporal entities who love, help and support us as we walk our spiritual path. The source of the wisdom and inspiration seems to come from outside ourselves. Some believe that spirit guides are just us talking to ourselves. Some believe that “spirit guides” are a projection, a way for or inner knowing to manifest in a way that we can accept more readily.  That the insights attributed to the spirit guide are actually our own, truth that we knew deep-down all along.

Which is it? In my opinion, it’s both. I believe that all is one. We are immersed in the cosmos, and a unified part of it, like a droplet is one with the ocean. Yet, while we are living and learning here on Earth, we are like an ocean drop tossed in the air by the shoreline mist. We experience other droplets…other people…as distinct and separate. Despite that perception we remain one in the cosmic ocean. The guidance we get from seemingly separate spiritual presence is from within as well. It IS them…it IS that guide or loved one, and they communicate to us by touching the wisdom and emotion that is within us. It is a relationship as with any long-time mentor, it is the wonder within ourselves, all at the same time.

So how does guidance, be it from a literal counselor or an inner spiritual source, fit in with manifestation? At the beginning. Clarity is a cornerstone of manifestation. Unless you have a clear vision of what you want to manifest, the path and outcome can become muddled. Sometimes we need a little guidance to decide what it is really need to call into our lives.  The symbolism and advice from the vast majority of Tarot cards are signposts along the path of manifestation…they are the where, what, why and how of it.  The King of Cups helps us decide which direction to go in the first place, as well as at the major crossroads later on.

To learn more about the concept of a “mentor”, I suggest Chinglian Al Huang’s excellent book “The Tao of Mentoring”. To read a lovely example of clarity and manifestation, I suggest “Illusions: The Adventures of the Reluctant Messiah” by Richard Bach. To learn more about cosmic oceans, I recommend “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan.

About the guest author:

Ronda Snow has a Ph.D in Natural Health, a B.S. in Med.Sci, is a Reiki Master, author, Taijuquan player, and has been reading Tarot since 1992.  She lives in Pittsburgh with her martial arts champion husband, her musician daughter, her recipe collection, her art & knitting supplies and way too many weeds in the back yard. To learn more please visit or

Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups
A man walks away from eight neatly stacked chalices under cover of night, water all around, his path unknown, the moon to light his way

What if we make repeated attempts at attracting into our lives that which we want but it continues to be out of our grasp? It may be time to reexamine what we really want.

We may feel no matter how hard we try, we cannot seem to get what we want. Are we wanting what we think we want or what we think we are supposed to want? At some point in our lives we may have adopted an idea of what we are supposed to be. Perhaps our parents instilled in us a notion of what sort of career or lifestyle we should have. Maybe we measure ourselves based on others in society with a different status or income or designation. All too often we have taken on these notions without checking in with our heart center to determine what we truly want for ourselves, despite how little it resembles the expectations of others that have been adopted by us. As a result, we continue to pursue a path that is ill fitted to our true nature.

Perhaps we have already acquired the job or lifestyle or status that others find admirable or enviable, yet we are left wanting. As a result, we attempt to excel even further in our careers or elevate our social status. We acquire even more comforts and conveniences. Yet the sense of dissatisfaction persists.

In both scenarios outlined above, it is intensely difficult to abandon the notion of who we think we are supposed to be, but it is precisely what we need to do. That may mean walking away from years of hard work, even achievement and accomplishment, to simply start anew. We may have to walk into the wilderness with no game plan, no set goal, no notion of where we are bound. However, if we are not satisfied with where we are, why stay? It may mean we will lose everything, but if everything we have leaves us feeling empty already, then we truly have nothing left to lose.

Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups
A knight steadily rides on horseback carrying a chalice, a river, mountains and a clear sky in the background

As our emotions serve as the fuel for our inner creative force, it is important for us to experience them and allow them to flow in order to understand them.

We often learn from an early age that some emotions are negative, harmful, or undesirable. As a result we have developed ways to surpress these unwanted feelings. Boys are taught in our society that it is not appropriate to cry or appear vulnerable through their emotions. Anger is frequently labeled as being negative and unwelcome. Yet all these emotions have their genesis, and to stifle their expression or deny their existence is to surrender the opportunity to use their powerful force to align ourselves with our own creative energy.

That is not to say that we would do well to fully act on our emotional state without discretion or restraint. Rather, it is to acknowledge our feelings as valid, even embracing them and our right to their presence in us as a natural byproduct of the expression of who we are as unique individuals. To surpress our feelings is to say we are not entitled to that which we truly desire in life.

While we can intellectualize what any given emotion means for us we will fall short of discovering our personal truth until we allow it to run its natural course. Emotions function like currents of a body of water, they propel us in a given direction based on the desires that gave birth to the emotional state. Only upon embracing our right to the emotions will we find the current carrying us to our goals. To deny their right to exist is akin to fastening our intentions to a heavy weight and sinking it to the depths of the lake of emotions, only to remain adrift on the stillness of stoicism, moving in no particular direction.

Though an emotion may be uncomfortable, it is not an indication that it is wrong. It is functioning as does a grain of sand in an oyster. The oyster embraces the irritant rather than denying its existence, from which is produced a wondrous pearl of beauty and value.

Page of Cups

Page of Cups
A young man contemplates a chalice from which a fish emerges to look back at him

The true source of power behind our ability to manifest is our emotional energy. Learning the language of our feelings brings us closer to creating the outcome we desire most in our lives.

As human beings, we are perpetually manifesting from our emotional states. There are many times we find ourselves unwilling to accept this notion, especially when we encounter circumstances that we consider undesirable. As a result, we will consider external events the cause of our tribulations. It is easier for many of us to give our power away than it is to engage in the due diligence required to change the emotional energy that is creating our undesirable circumstances.

When we find ourselves in an unpleasant emotional state, we must learn how to trace the genesis of what awakens that state. This is most due to a conflict between how we see ourselves versus how we believe we should be. When the pain of self-examination becomes too intense we will then deflect the cause to an external factor in order to justify the hurt emotions.

If we can take a brief step outside of ourselves, even if only for a moment, we can give ourselves a better chance to follow the trail of emotions to its true source. By first allowing the emotions their true function by not denying their right to be expressed and felt we can stave off the immediate impulse to look for blame. This also allows us the room to provide compassion to ourselves and prevent a spiral of self-criticism. This approach allows our emotions room to breathe without the need to take immediate action in an attempt to make them go away.

Learning to understand the source of our emotions allows us to shift and channel the energy behind them into a more creative conduit that matches the outcome we truly desire. As we learn the language of our feelings this opens us up to trusting our intuition, which enables us to more naturally make decisions which foster the manifestation of our most desired outcome.

Three of Cups

Three women raise their cups and dance in celebration, surrounded by a bountiful harvest

Manifestation all to often is about wanting. One of the principles behind the Law of Attraction states: Where attention goes, energy flows. When we invest our attention on wanting, this is what we end up creating. Wanting indicates that which we do not have. We want for lack.

The best way we can encourage the Universe to bring us what we want is to participate in gratitude. We need to rejoice and celebrate in the blessings, bounty, and yields which we already have. There are always aspects of our lives that are worthy of celebrating, that are indications of abundance. We can take note of our good health, even when we are struggling to be healthy. If we are still alive there are aspects of our health that are still functioning effectively. We have a roof over our heads to keep us warm. We have a meal to eat when we are hungry. We have family or friends that we can talk to. All we have to do is look, and we can find one or more aspect of our lives for which we can be thankful, for which we can celebrate.

Celebrating in our gifts and fortunes also allows us to remove ourselves from a position of focusing on our lack. It distracts us from our troubles and struggles, it immerses us in the feeling of jubilation and exuberance. The mere act of dancing allows for the release of negative and toxic energy which builds up in our psychic energy bodies due to stress and worry. This signals the Universe that we are ready to receive more good tidings and blessings by acknowledging that we are indeed appreciative of the rewards which we currently have.