The Devil

Two human figures with animal features remains chained to a pedestal upon which a devil is chained which controls the couple

When working with the Law of Attraction the idea is to set an intention, then let it go. The idea is not to continue to focus on the intention we set.

Why do we need to release our intention? According to the Law of Attraction, where attention goes energy flows. The state of wanting is synonymous to the state of not having. When we continue to focus on what we want – in other words what we do not have – we are setting our intention on the state of what is absent in our life.

When we are truly out of balance, the feeling of wanting creates an insatiable appetite for us. Our desire cannot be satisfied, even when we receive that which we desire. The flames of wanting consume what we receive before we can truly appreciate what we have. As a result, continuing to be in a state of wanting creates a void that continues to consume our sense of peace, expanding like a black hole.

A state of continuous wanting will eclipse a state of appreciation for what we actually have. To manifest the things in our life that bring us peace, we need to step away from a perpetual state of desire. The act of continuously focusing on that which we do not have in our life multiplies into a greater deficit, feeding on its own energy. Therefore, a regular and consistent act of taking inventory of the positive aspects of our lives reduces the feeling of persistent lack. Appreciation for what we already have removes
the cravings of constant desire that creates an impediment to obtaining peace.


Strength – 8

A woman restrains and tames a lion with ease, grace, and a gentle touch

Manifestation is all about making things happen, making our life into one we envision. As we come to understand how to create the life we want, we learn that it is important for us to take action. We create the life we desire when we do more than wish and hope, sitting still and waiting for all we want to come to us, to fall into our lap. Manifestation happens constantly for us, but specifically attracting a positive outcome takes effort on our part.

What we need to understand, however, is that effort does not equal brute force. When we try to force an outcome, we are working too hard to determine the results. We often work harder than we need to when we do not have the faith that the efforts we take are enough to affect the outcome. We may try to force our way through an obstacle and cause more strain to ourselves that we need to when another solution may be readily available.

Using our own strengths to overcome our adversities is the most affective approach to influencing a positive outcome. When we work from our strength we work from a most advantageous position with the least effort. We place ourselves in a position of faith in our own abilities to get through a challenge. This show of faith signals the universe to work on our behalf to create for us what we want. When we try to force an outcome we are telling the universe that we are uncertain of our ability to bring the desired outcome into our reality and the universe hesitates accordingly. The force we exert actually contributes to creating the resistance that is causing us to force the outcome. The result is a vicious circle with no forward progress.

Strength is the opposite of force. Strength is exhibited through ease and confidence. Strength is built completely on faith. We can crumble a mountain with the gentlest touch if we believe we can. The requirement is the belief, the faith, that our efforts will bring the outcome we want. So we put forth our efforts then we release our trust to the universe that we will receive what is in our best interest.