The meaning of this blog

A few years ago, fueled by a mix of ennui and curiosity, I decided to get ordained. Online.

I did a Google search, found ULC‘s website, put in my name and email address, and clicked the Submit button. I received an email stating that I was officially ordained.

So now I’m a minister. So what do I do with that? I can officiate marriage ceremonies. I’ve actually officiated one and am due to do another.  Okay… what else? Preside over funerals, I suppose. Not hoping to be asked to do that anytime soon…

Okay, that leaves me with preaching. Ministering. And preach about what? I do believe I continue to have insights, beliefs, convictions, and revelations that are worth sharing with a great many people. In fact, my insights, beliefs, convictions, and revelations would be perfect for any person that has had my experiences. Each one of them. Every single one of the experiences that I have had.

So basing it on that criteria I have found my congregation. My flock. I have found who is meant to receive my spiritual guidance, my message, my sermon…


I am the minister of myself.