Four of Cups with The Empress

Quantum Tarot 2.0 by Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler

Are you feeling jaded and bored? Be homeless for a day.

You say, “David, being homeless sounds boring. I see those people sitting around doing nothing all day with a cardboard sign that asks for money.”

Well let me tell you this… most homeless people I encounter are busying themselves. They are searching for food and provisions that will get them through the day. There is nothing boring about constantly being in a state of survival mode.

Well I’m not here to talk about social welfare or the plight of the homeless. I’m simply trying to make a point.

Being jaded and uninspired seems to be a symptom of middle class and above. We surround ourselves with a myriad of trinkets and toys and distractions until we inevitably find that none of these things seem to do it for us. We land in between the new and the used, the sheen and lustre and chrome plating has become dull, the gadget has been played with for the thousandth time and has become predictable and stale.

So I say if we find ourselves in the throws of ennui it’s time to get rid of our comforts. If we can’t seem to entertain ourselves any longer with the shiny trappings with which we crows have crowded our nests, perhaps it’s time to do away with them. It’s interesting to see what yields from the deep dark well of deficit.

Inspiration is not derived from objets d’sire. We have fallen under the Madison Avenue induced trance that has convinced us otherwise. We believe we are inspired by the fascination that novelty brings in the heads-up display of our new car or the slick features of that new smartphone. Yet these are merely distractions as they do not inspire outward expression drawn from the well of creativity. They are merely the tools of Mesmer that hold us transfixed until the newness sloughs off like so many dead skin cells.

Creative expression is drawn from the great void of isness. It is processed from the syrup that flows from the tapping of our soul. When we can turn inward to the cornucopia of our inexhaustible and boundless inner landscape we will find an array of flotsam and jetsam strewn out of the collision of countless beautiful experiences, tiny fragments of the constant re-creating and defining of the utterly broken and errant yet perfect and beautiful self.

If we find ourselves in the throws of the dulls, it is time we stop looking outside ourselves for inspiration. Our numbness is an indication we have become disconnected from the kernel of who we are and our inner voice sounds like din or worse yet, we have completely soundproofed ourselves against the call of introspection. What we are hearing is a clarion call disguised as boredom and numbness. Once we release the agitated ego that is attached to the ennui we find we were actually yearning to retreat within yet we were afraid to do so.


Episode 15 – Menage a Tarot, One Year Later


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Episode 14 – Aspects of the New Age Movement


Tarot is often lumped in with the New Age Movement. But is this movement all it’s cracked up to be, with it’s message of love and light? Join us as we discuss it on this episode.

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Episode 13 – Tarot and Personal Boundaries


In this episode we examine where we draw the line during readings, what is on and off limits, and ethical issues with other readers.

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Episode 12 – 21st Century Tarot

This episode we discuss how Tarot has changed coming into the 21st century and the impact modern society and technology has had on the ancient art.


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Episode 11 – A Confluence of Tarot Influences

In this episode we discuss various sources and materials that first influenced our Tarot studies and even those that continue to influence us even today.

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image courtesy of Wishes Gifts & Books –

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Episode 10 – Test Tubes and Tarot Decks

Inspired by a listener question, this episode is all about distinguishing between science and spirituality as it relates to the Tarot, among other things. We get a little deep at times, so hang on!

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