Two of Swords

Two of Swords
A figure sits blindfolded at night before the sea, two swords balanced between crossed arms

At some point while on our path to manifesting our desired outcome we will find ourselves at a crossroad, at a point of indecision. We may even find ourselves completely immobilized at this point, unsure of what decision to make, of which direction would be best for our decided outcome.

There are many factors that may contribute to us freezing in place during our journey. Most commonly this is due to finding ourselves pulled between the desire we have envisioned and an opposing fear, like the flag in the center of a tug-of-war rope. We may be stalled by the fear of success, of the tremendous change it would bring or of a greater responsibility or commitment it would endow us with. We may be frozen in place by the possibility of failure, of not being able to reach the goal we have set for ourselves.

The trickiest part of this impediment is that it often appears as two decisions that are of equal weight. Each decision has behind it a scale of its own, with a benefit on one side and a sacrifice on the other. We say “If I make decision A, I can gain X but have to give up Y. With decision B, I get to keep Y but I miss the chance to have X.”

This fork in the road is of our own making. We have placed it in our own path simply to provide us a chance to take a pause in our journey. The appearance that we are faced with two decisions of equal weight is merely an illusion. It is in our moment of stillness, when we dismiss the emotional intensity that casts its shadow upon us, when we kill the power to the dynamo of the monkey mind, that we see the truth of what we really desire that lies beneath the ambivalence.

The truth lies in the premise of tossing a coin when we find ourselves at the point of indecision. After the coin has been launched and as it tumbles into the air, it is upon its descent that we consistently find ourselves hoping that the coin will land a certain way. This unveils the reality that we always know what we truly want above all else.


Published by

David Dear

David Dear suddenly became interested in the exploration of metaphysics shortly after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Over the next 25 years he became proficient in reading Tarot and astrological natal charts, learned past life regression and Thought Field Therapy, and became attuned in Chios and is a Usui Reiki master. David has the innate ability to perceive aspects of reality on a multidimensional level and is naturally telepathic. He has a bachelor's degree in metaphysical theology and is an ordained metaphysical minister and licensed metaphysical practitioner. David currently lives in Tacoma, Washington with his wife/best friend, two dogs and one cat.

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