The Star

The Star
A nude woman pours out two pitchers, one into land and the other into water, as a great star and many other stars shine in the sky

One of the quintessential components of manifestation is belief. It is absolutely essential for us to believe we can attain that which we have envisioned for ourselves, for if we do not believe we can achieve, we most certainly will fall short of our goals.

To take it a step further, we have to have faith in the manifestation process. This may seem redundant to say, as belief and faith are often seen as synonymous. While they are closely related and often interdependent on one another, the distinction is that belief is a function of the mind, where faith is a function of the heart.

Relying on belief in and of itself can be tenuous; with belief being a mental function, we can be easily derailed if, while in pursuit of our goals, the results of our efforts prove to be counter to that which we desire. We may see failure as evidence of being incapable or undeserving of our intended outcomes. On the other hand, faith sustains our belief in spite of disappointments we may face along the way.

It is far more accurate to say faith is synonymous to trust. Not only is it about trusting that we will attain our goals despite our missteps, obstacles, and failures; it is also about acknowledging that those failures are part of the design of the manifestation process, that our unsuccessful attempts at reaching our goals are actually designed to help us do just that.

We will always do well to remember; what lies between our belief and our faith is hope.


Published by

David Dear

David Dear suddenly became interested in the exploration of metaphysics shortly after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Over the next 25 years he became proficient in reading Tarot and astrological natal charts, learned past life regression and Thought Field Therapy, and became attuned in Chios and is a Usui Reiki master. David has the innate ability to perceive aspects of reality on a multidimensional level and is naturally telepathic. He has a bachelor's degree in metaphysical theology and is an ordained metaphysical minister and licensed metaphysical practitioner. David currently lives in Tacoma, Washington with his wife/best friend, two dogs and one cat.

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