Four of Cups

Four of Cups
A man seated against a tree appears disinterested in the cups before him, as well as the additional cup being offered

The life we wish to manifest begins with a desire, with a vision, with a picture in our minds of what we want for ourselves. In order to begin to manifest we have to have this vision first; in other words, setting our intention is the prerequisite to having the life we want.

There are times, however, when we desire a life other than the one we currently have, yet we have no idea as to where we want to go. We have simply become jaded in our current circumstance. The space which we are existing in is filled with boredom, we have become tired and uninterested in the environment we are in, or the people that surround us.

When we find ourselves numb to our present station in life and everything within our reach only leaves us with ennui, with a little introspection we will see that our boredom consistently results from a lack of vision. The illusion is that we feel dissatisfied with what we currently have in our lives, yet the truth is that we are frustrated by not knowing what we want for ourselves. How often, when we are bored, do we find ourselves saying “I don’t know what I want to do” or “I don’t know what I want out of life”, followed by “just not this”?

See, when we have a goal to strive for, we no longer suffer from being jaded. The goal is the impetus, it provides us with a call-to-action fueled by our desire. There is no question what to do as we already know what we specifically want, which provides us with a set of steps needed to work toward our goal.

So what can we do to figure out what we want when we don’t know what we want? A very powerful method is one that may seem counterintuitive in the face of our ennui. We need to take time to be still, to listen to our inner voice. When we are bored we seek stimuli to fill the void, but what we really need is to remove stimuli and seek quiet reflection, to take the time to listen to our inner selves that knows what we truly want that will fill our soul. The inner voice ironically has no words or sound; it is merely a feeling, a sense, a knowing. But it is one that can only be heard in complete and pure stillness.

Once we can find the space to remove stimuli, which only serves as distraction, we will then be able to feel what we want to become. At that point when we connect with our true self and the desire that it holds within we will find the fog of our jadedness burns off from the light of our soul.


Published by

David Dear

David Dear suddenly became interested in the exploration of metaphysics shortly after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Over the next 25 years he became proficient in reading Tarot and astrological natal charts, learned past life regression and Thought Field Therapy, and became attuned in Chios and is a Usui Reiki master. David has the innate ability to perceive aspects of reality on a multidimensional level and is naturally telepathic. He has a bachelor's degree in metaphysical theology and is an ordained metaphysical minister and licensed metaphysical practitioner. David currently lives in Tacoma, Washington with his wife/best friend, two dogs and one cat.

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