An angel above blows a trumpet as the deceased arise from their coffins, arms raised in praise

Yes, tenacity and hard work are absolutely essential when it comes to manifesting our desired outcomes. There are times when we spend what seems an eternity on the road to our destination, where we have spent an inordinate amount of time applying our efforts to produce the results we want.

Sometimes in our efforts we create such a pattern of toil and perseverance we find we get caught up in it. We have put our head down and powered through, then come to find out we’ve missed our stop when we weren’t looking out the window. We have silenced the children in the back seat of our minds who have been continually asking “are we there yet?”, then we have developed road hypnosis while gripping the wheel and mentally repeating the mantra “just drive. Keep driving.”

During our extended efforts it is important to pull over at the next rest stop and take a break, look at our road map. We need to evaluate our position and find out if we have truly arrived at where we want to be in life. We may believe we will know when we get where we want to go, but self-doubt and uncertainty can creep in. It will tell us that we still aren’t ready for that big goal which we’ve worked so hard to attain, that we still need to continue our efforts. We will tell ourselves the moment isn’t perfect, or that all the pieces are not yet in place, so we must continue to power through.

At times the hardest thing to accept is the fact that we have reached our goal, that it is time to open the door and walk through, where life as we know it will completely change. If we let the fear of this change grip us, we will convince ourselves there is still more work to do and deny the fact that it is time to embrace the destiny that we have finally reached.


Published by

David Dear

David Dear suddenly became interested in the exploration of metaphysics shortly after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Over the next 25 years he became proficient in reading Tarot and astrological natal charts, learned past life regression and Thought Field Therapy, and became attuned in Chios and is a Usui Reiki master. David has the innate ability to perceive aspects of reality on a multidimensional level and is naturally telepathic. He has a bachelor's degree in metaphysical theology and is an ordained metaphysical minister and licensed metaphysical practitioner. David currently lives in Tacoma, Washington with his wife/best friend, two dogs and one cat.

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